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Sollect Products

Sollet has a universal and overall encompassing product called Pepon which is underpinning framework for divergent modules: Steering, mee-Com, sBuzz, Eco System. All these modules rely on a service delivery network consisting of a Channel partner, Agent, End customer and Service provider. In order to achieve synergies during the delivery of value in various forms (physical products, Money, Information and Knowledge) and also facilitate the formulation and growth of information and economic ecosystems.

  • Eco System creation
  • Real-time and Online Mobility Solutions
  • Adoptable for any industry
  • Empower an individual entrepreneur
  • Rapid establishment and Highly scalable
  • Multilanguage support
  • Enable cross-selling between businesses
  • Flexible in aligning to Business model
  • Integrated business approach with Franchisee modelling
  • Cloud based SaaS & PaaS modelling
  • Low cost extension of Businesses across demographics
  • Improves Business ROI and Efficiency


sEco connects all Stakeholders to a single platform and allows them to cross-sell their products and the service / platform to the end users at their door step.

  • Brings more services to small entrepreneurs like kirana store owners, Telephone Booth operators etc.
  • Provides Online real time transactions and settles immediately between stakeholders
  • Helps businesses to penetrate into the rural, semi-urban areas etc.
  • Allows customers to do the transactions using their Bank Account or Mobile Wallet
  • Can be used for any business in any industry


mee-Com stands for Extended Commerce in underserved / unexplored markets for any Business vertical. mee-Com is an Ecosystem connecting manufacturer/producer to the end customer in a transparent and effective manner giving benefits to all the stakeholders in an Ecosystem.

  • Offers micro entrepreneurs (farmers, small scale industries etc.) in an unorganized sector to offer their products/services to a larger world and thus achieve scale of economy with minimal marketing costs
  • mee-Com leverages on the enterprise wallet concept of Sollet thereby enabling the concept of cash at counter and reducing the cash handling risks
  • The various payment modes will be supported by mee-Com are: Cash on delivery (COD), Online Banking, MNO's Mobile wallet, Credit Card/Debit card and Sollet's Mobile Enterprise Wallet
  • Organization and streamlining of Ecosystem by enabling interoperability between stakeholders


sBuzz is a platform for an Organization to communicate with its Employees, Customers and Agents within closed groups. Companies can buy the Post Area in sBuzz which can open a channel for services likes FMCG, Retail and Education etc. to pass the information to the subscribers in a more cost effective manner.

  • sBuzz delivers the messages posted in post area to the subscribers
  • GPRS / Internet data consumption is very less, because server pushes the message to users instead of pulling data from each user mobile
  • Messages are displayed in local vernacular language based on the demography
  • The messages get popped-up on user mobile screen like a flash message
  • Allows streaming of Voice and Video with better GPRS/Internet connections (3G and beyond)

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